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Trading Journal

Looking for a Spreadsheet Trading Journal ?

Upgrade from the old way of journaling your trades on Excel to an online solution, using AntSignals.
* Latest release: v1.0.14
With AntSignals you get:

Charts & Reports

Generate comprehensive reports from your trading journal

Visualize your trades with powerful charts

Identify your best day,best setup or hour

Identify your mistakes and avoid them

Mistakes can make a potentially profitable strategy unprofitable

AntSignals Trade Journal and Trades List
Top 4 disadvantages of using a

Trading Journal Spreadsheet

create reports in XLS is time consuming and requires lot's of formulas

you need advanced XLS skills to create charts

it is very hard to find and correct errors on a spreadsheet

entering data into spreadsheets is a tedious task

"Keeping a spreadsheet trading journal takes a lot of time and makes you focus more on XLS than on trading"

AntSignals Trade Reports

Simple, Easy, Free

Replace your Trading Journal Spreadsheet wiht AntSignals, identify your mistakes and improve as a trader from day one.

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